Benedict Cumberbatch at GQ Men of the Year awards 2014 in London

I…I have no words.



i’m laughing so hard at ben’s hand stuck in his pocket like he is so fucking awkward i love him so much all i can think about is that article about martin where the author was like “he doesn’t have cumberbatch’s swagger” like have you literally ever seen either of them martin is a smooth as fuck hot dad and ben c is made up entirely of bambi legs


Amanda is keeping Martin in place…



My pug has become a beautiful puggerfly


Benedict Cumberbatch on his Emmy win at the GQ Men of the Year Awards (x)

sherlock wearing: the tartan dressing gown


i just keep thinking of that new ben c photo and breathing really heavily and then sighing and then running a hand through my hair then pacing they room then sighing again and then crying for a while then looking at the photo again then pacing the room then printing out the photo 700 times so i can wallpaper my whole room with it then breathing really heavily 




Benedict Cumberbatch wins actor of the year from Dan Stevens #GQawards [x]





Even for an actor with a hit rate as good as his, Benedict Cumberbatch has had a superlative year. The 38-year-old returned to the small screen in the third series of BBC’s Sherlock, went blockbuster for The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, put in an epic performance in 12 Years A Slave and next month excels alongside the cream of Brit talent as Alan Turning in Enigma-code biopic The Imitation Game.

Then there’s the small matter of his forthcoming starring role in Hamlet at the Barbican, the announcement for which caused a frenzy of excitement, sold out and became easily the most in-demand British theatre production of all time. Now, following his Emmy for Sherlock, Cumberbatch has gone one better and takes centre stage once more, with his Actor Of The year prize win at the GQ Men Of the Year awards. Collecting his award, Cumberbatch said: This is wonderful. I’d like to thank James McAvoy for not being available. But seriously, it’s an embarrassment of riches. I’m in one of those extraordinary rooms with extraordinary people. Thank you Mum and Dad for rearing me. Wait, what century am I in? I’m going to leave the stage now because I drank a lot and I need the loo. (via londonphile)



Nice outlaw name, did your mom pick it out for you?




Ahahaha I feel like I kind of copped out because I’ve been getting asked for Potter!Punks for ages, and never really was able to draw something I was satisfied with and now these are only busts instead of full bodies. OOPS. Sorry. Maybe one day I’ll do full body images, because I have about a million more tattoo ideas.

#Harry Potter #Ron Weasley #Hermione Granger #Potter Punks #Okay because I know people will ask #but the description is already long: #Harry’s tattoos are #stag antlers on the sides of his head #a Japanese-style lion on his bicep #the sword of Gryffindor on his neck #FIERCE on his chest #Lilies on his arm #A star on his shoulder for each loved one he’s lost #and the Deathly Hallows symbol on his wrist #because it’s the same tattoo as me and I am trash #AS FOR RON #He has the weasley family clock on his bicep #it is also magical and works the same as his mom’s clock# MUM on his neck #BRAVE on his chest #and it’s not a tattoo but he has Scars on his arms from the brain tentacle things #I should have done way more for Hermione but lets pretend she’s just now getting into tattoos #She has STRENGTH on her chest #The Hogwarts motto across her throat #and ink and quill on her shoulder#my art #shut up cara #also I’ve started sketches of James Lily Sirius Remus Snape and Draco #ahahahahaaaaaaa